Revealing the Secret Value of Psychic Reading over the Phone

Before we delve deeply into psychic readings over the phone, let’s get one thing perfectly clear. We’re not here to debate the rational foundation of psychic readings. You either believe or you don’t.  Although, for many of thospsychic phone readings cheape who believe in psychic readings, this kind of service can actually be quite useful. At the very least, it gives you a new perspective on the various issues that surround your life.

In many cases, the advice you get can be invaluable. It forces you to take stock of the present, and of what you currently have. It encourages you to think calmly and deeply, so that you may gain wisdom. A new perspective and illuminating advice can also provide you with the confidence you need to face the future with courage and resolve.

Modern Psychic Readings

Nowadays, you don’t need theatrical setups to get a psychic reading. You don’t even have to meet a psychic face to face. A psychic reading over the phone will suffice. A Google search is a good place to start, although such an approach may leave you vulnerable to scammers.

So how do you find a psychic that’s any good? This can be a difficult decision, and frankly you’ll need to rely a lot on your intuitive judgment. You should feel confident when you’ve finally picked the service you want, although keeping an open mind is a good idea. But you may want to check out some features of the service that should help assuage your worries:

  • The best phone psychics you can trust will never offer their services for free. I mean, why should they? Doctors and psychiatrists are compensated for their knowledge and efforts, so psychics expect to be paid well too. Of course, they won’t actually expect to be paid handsomely. Such expectations may indicate a con job in the works.

So while reliable psychic services are not free, it should be affordable at least. Perhaps an introductory offer of cheap psychic readings over the phone can help ease you into it, so you can get a taste of what to expect. In addition, there should also be some sort of money-back guarantee.

  • Choice of psychics. Just as a hospital offers many different doctors and specialists, services like these may offer numerous psychics on call for you to consult. Each one may have different specialties, so you may find one better for romantic issues while another may be more suitable for your financial situation or career opportunities. Of course, other services feature a single psychic, but you may have to deal with limited schedules and opportunities for readings.
  • Long history. We aren’t saying that new services are invariably inferior. But like most people who offer a service, the more experienced ones can provide you with the greatest value for your money.
  • It’s also great if you have plenty of options, such as the ability to contact a psychic at any time. For many, cheap psychic phone readings may also be preferable to just mere online chats. With a phone call, you know that you’re talking to a real person, and you can even monitor the call.

Readying Yourself for Psychic Readings on the Phone

So let’s say you’ve made a choice, and now you’re set on getting psychic readings on the phone. Here are some good ways to prepare yourself for this.

  • Keep calm. Sit down quietly and relax. Think about what you really want, instead of what you think you want. You can’t expect advice on lottery numbers or stocks that will hit the jackpot in the near future. You can’t expect that someone you’re attracted to will suddenly find themselves in love with you.
  • Prepare your questions. You can ask general questions, such as if you’re going to be happy with your romantic life. Or you can also ask if your partner is cheating on you or if you will get pregnant soon. Sometimes you may even ask for advice, such as about changing careers or ending a relationship.
  • Get a pen and paper ready. You’ll need to take notes during the call. It’s won’t be just about the reading you get, but also about the feelings you get during the reading. Take note of your feelings and your misgivings, so that you can find a better psychic in your search. It’s not uncommon to try out several psychics until you find one that suits you. You should also take note of any topics which you may want to know more about. You should also write down any new thoughts and perspectives you may have gained during the reading.
  • Give feedback. This is something you should do to help out the psychics as well as other people like you, who need their services. Whether you found the reading illuminating or not, your feedback helps other people make decisions about the psychic you tried out. The psychic will also appreciate any good word you can spread, while your criticisms can help them become better.

Avoiding the Scams

This is an industry with a long history of scams, so you have to be very wary. Here are some signs of unethical or otherwise suspicious tactics:

  • You’re approached on the street. If this happens to you, watch out. Scammers of this sort can sidle to you, and they can come across as genuinely caring and sensitive. They may say that they sense some emotional upheaval in your current situation, but their psychic sense tells them that you’ll come through fine in the end. Then when they’ve got you hooked, they may charge you gradually outrageous sums of money every time you consult them.
  • They ask you a bunch of questions. You have to be really careful about answering these questions, because they may be able to steal your identity. You need not answer any question about your sensitive financial info, and in fact even leading questions should be ignored. If a psychic asks you to many questions, you may want to abort.
  • They ask for more money to remove a curse laid upon you. This is a classic scam technique. Maybe they’ll say that you need to buy a lucky charm for them to remove this curse. These things aren’t real, as they’re only designed to bilk you of your money.
  • They offer a love spell. While the best psychics to call can help you improve your romantic situation, a love spell is simply out of the question. No one can make another person fall in love with you.
  • The psychic keeps changing their email address and other contact information. That’s a rather disquieting sign, as that may indicate that they’re avoiding some displeased customers.

Your Best Options

Here are some of the top rated phone psychics you can choose from:

Psychic Source

This is one of the most famous online psychic services today. In fact, they even have Tori Spelling as their spokesperson. They’ve established an enviable reputation in their more than 25 years of operation.

So what makes them so good?

  • Their rates are very reasonable, you pay $1 a minute. You won’t have to stay on the line for too long either, as you can choose from a 10, 20, or 30-minute consultation. You pay the same number of dollars for the minutes you use up, although you also get 3 minutes free.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the call, you can get your money back provided you ask for a refund within the day.
  • They have lots of psychics on call. Right now they have 259 psychics for you to choose from, and 8 of them are always available at any given moment.
  • They offer informative profiles for each psychic. Most of them have their photos, and when you click a profile you can find out crucial info. The profile discloses their specialties (whether they’re a psychic for love or career issues,), their tools (they may use tarot cards or interpret dreams) and their reading style (some are direct to the point, while others are thoughtful or more compassionate).
  • They offer a great way for you to find the most ideal psychic for you. You can filter your options by their specialties, subject matter expertise, the tools they use, and even the reading styles they offer.
  • They have average star ratings and feature customer reviews. It’s much like Amazon.

This is an established brand with more than a quarter-century of operations, and they employ strict screening procedures for all their psychics. If you’re going to start with psychics over the phone, this is a great way to go.

Ask Now

This psychic service also has a long history, having started in 2004. Since then, they’ve garnered a respectable reputation in the industry, with thousands of customers attesting to the accuracy and helpfulness of the psychic readings.

  • They also offer reasonable rates. They also charge a dollar a minute, starting with $10 for 10 minutes, but you also get 5 extra minutes.
  • They offer a satisfaction guarantee. Your account starts with 10 free minutes, so you can find a more suitable advisor if your first choice doesn’t fit your needs.
  • The initial psychic profiles include the categories they specialize in, the languages they speak, and their psychic credentials including how many years they’ve been practicing their craft. The full profile includes a short bio and their availability schedule. They also have star-based ratings as well as short customer reviews.
  • Choosing a psychic involves filtering for availability, reading type (phone or chat), advisor type and price (some “Masters” charge up to $13 a minute) and categories, which may include love, careers, tarot readings, numerology, and past lives.
  • Your account history shows you your payment history and psychic sessions. You can also edit your personal info, and you can choose to receive emails from the service.

Ask Now is a well-established psychic service with a great reputation. They offer an easy way to join, and choosing a psychic should be easy as well. You just need to make sure that your psychic is affordable, because $13 a minute may be too exorbitant especially if you’re new to the service.


This service has been available since 1999, and their readings are available through phone, online chats, or emails. They’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people through the years, and they’ve logged more than 35 million conversations.

  • The price can be a bit much, as the most affordable psychics may charge $1.99 a minute. Others can cost you $4.99 or even $5.99 a minute. But if you’re new, you get 3 minutes free.
  • The guarantee lets you report an unsatisfactory conversation once every 30 days, as long as you report it within 72 hours. The money you spent on that conversation will be credited towards your next conversation.
  • The psychics come from all over the world. They may come from India or Germany. They each use various techniques for their readings, and specialize in different subjects.

While the quality of the psychics are generally great (with lots of customer reviews to attest to it), the main problem is still the cost of most of these psychics. With Keen, you’re more likely to end up paying more money in the end.

California Psychics

This is another long-standing service, and it first started way back in 1995. They screen their psychics very well, and they offer a wide variety of services.

  • Offers for newbies. They also offer a $1 a minute package, but you can also pick the $2 or $4 a minute package if you want. This offer is only good for new clients, as you may have to pay more afterwards. The $1 may become $5 a minute, while the Elite package that lets you consult the most popular psychics can cost you $8.50 a minute.
  • Numerous available psychics. They may have as many as 10 or 11 psychics available at any time.
  • They offer a wide range of services. Some may even offer messages from deceased loved ones.

I’m not entirely convinced of the messages from the dead, and the pricing can be very expensive. But you may find one here that can do you a lot of good.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, every service that we’ve reviewed here is an excellent choice. But I would recommend that you start with Psychic Source first, because their cheap psychic phone readings are pretty good. You can even find the reading styles that suit you. But if it doesn’t work for you then you can always pick from the other options I’ve provided however keep in mind that they may cost you more money. In any case, if over the phone psychic readings give you a better perspective and peace of mind, then paying for such services will definitely be worth it.